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I help early stage startups convert more visitors into customers by creating high performance digital marketing machines! (a.k.a. Websites)
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  • Three words: Just hire Alex! Why? - He delivers on time (nearly always early) - On budget - He is 100% reliable - He gets it right, first time - His response time is exceptional - He works to the brief exactly - If he knows of a better solution he will suggest it for your consideration and include in brief - He does not finish a job until it exactly what you are after - He is very generous on projects above scope and will always highlight where you can save $$!

  • Alex is a consummate professional and I will definitely work with him again. His work is superb, he is fun to collaborate with, and he knows what he does well (and is not afraid to tell you if you are taking him outside of his swim lane)

    Kerry Stutzman

  • Alex did a fantastic job on this project. He completed it on schedule. Alex also suggested and carried out additional improvements to my Courses as part of this work. I would hire Alex again and would highly recommend him.

    Keith Horan

  • Alexander was fast, effective, and collaborative. His communication skills were impeccable. He is perhaps the best website developer I have had the pleasure of working with and I look forward to working with him on an ongoing basis in the months ahead.

  • To all future customers of Alexander = I have been working with this man since April 2013 and I can only say good things about him. He’s one of the most sincere, straightforward and honest of all marketing experts I have met. Trust Factor = 100%

    Walter Otte

Your website should convert visitors into engaged customers.

It’s like having a top-performing sales rep working 24/7 for you, just like a machine!

Let’s be honest, your customers are constantly being distracted with tons of offers and different promotions and I know how difficult it is for you to get their attention! You really need to stand out, so your message can be heard!

As a fullstack designer, I help early stage startups deliver their digital message to their potential customers in the most efficient way and build strong relationship with their customers, all of this through clear, comprehensible design and exceptional customer experience!

Latest Projects

I believe that good work can set any business, in any industry, ahead of the competition and that’s why I strive for the best for my clients!

2020Sehenswert GMBH – responsive website design & development View Project

2020Beyond HMI – responsive eCommerce website development View Project

2020TurnOverly – branding & responsive website design and development View Project

2020Clean Skincare – business strategy & responsive website design and development View Project

2021JM Blickwinkel – responsive website design & development View Project

2021Crane Rental Services- responsive website design & development View Project


Web Design

A WOW website design consists of the right mix of a story, modern elements and top technology behind it. I always do my work with the idea of achieving the project goals and focus on creating a piece of web art that focuses on usability and impact!

Web Development

No matter if you have a ready design or you want me to start from scratch, at the end every content needs a developer to illustrate it on the web! Based on your project, we will decide on what tool to use for building your website! I work with Webflow, WordPress or I can even completely develop your website from scratch.

UX Design

Is the experience on your website smooth and intuitive or it is clunky and confusing? Does navigating around feel logical or does it feel arbitrary? This is where I can help you! It is super important for your website structure to be optimized in a way your visitors won’t get lost in the first few seconds. My mission is to create an architecture for your website that reflects and resonates with your user’s journey

Brand Identity

Brand doesn’t just consist of few colors, logo and buttons. It’s the overall feel and look of your website, your web content and your web messaging. It’s key to your business success and when done well, you can see an exponential grow in your customer base. It’s the brand that will set you apart from your competition and make you unique in your industry!

Business Strategy

Those are small workshop calls where we discuss your business goals and I help you prioritize and focus on a clear vision for your company. Such sessions help businesses set more clear goals, draw a plan around them and achieve those in the set deadlines. My strategic sessions will help you save weeks and months in executing.

I am Alex

Fullstack Designer with 13+ years of experience in building WOW websites!

It’s what I love to do!

I create conversion-driven WOW websites for my clients with a 100% satisfaction guarantee using tools like Webflow and WordPress!

I am also registered in a popular freelance platform where I am one of the few TOP-RATED Freelancers out there with 100% Positive and Raving Feedback, which makes me in the Top 4%/5% in the whole Industry!

In the spare time I love to travel around the world in a nomad fashion!


What’s the average cost of a project?

There is always a difference between a project and a project. A price for a project is directly related to its scope, timeline, features and deliverables!

Once we discuss all this, I’ll be able to send you a proposal with my best price and a deadline.

But to make it more clear, a website which includes design and development starts at around $5000

How long will take you to create us a website?

Again, it depends on the project scope. But from previous experience, designing and developing a new one-page website can take from few days up to 2 weeks and working on bigger projects can even take up to 3 months.

What's the next step?

In most cases, the very first step of starting our collaboration will be a 30 to 60-minute discovery call! In this call we’ll discuss everything around your project – goals, deadline, problems and potential solutions.

After that I will send you a proposal with everything that needs to be done/approved so I can officially start working on your project.

To book a call ahead please go to the bottom of the page and click the “Schedule a Call” button.

Why choose me over other designers?

MY REVIEWS: Your satisfaction is my number 1 priority! And this can be proved by the raving reviews I’ve received from all of my past and current clients!

I ALWAYS OVER-DELIVER: I always try to leave the client with a WOW feeling! It just fulfills me when I see the reaction of a client receiving his website product for the first time!

SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST: All work is completed by ME and your project won’t be outsourced to someone else, which guarantees outstanding results!

RESPONSIVNESS: I am always extremely responsive to client questions and needs!

MY FLEXIBILITY: You can contact any of my past clients and ask them about how flexible I am! I do understand that things change and we can face issues, but I always find the best SOLUTION for them.

MY BELIEFS: My clients are priority #1 for me! I treat all their work just like it’s my own!

You got a cool project in mind? Let’s work together and make your new website WOW!

Available for freelance work.
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